Southern Wood Components

Industrialized Products

If you are looking for us to fill your current packaging needs or perhaps needing something different, look no further. Southern Wood Components is fully capable of meeting all your industrial solutions—from packaging to custom pallets and everything in between. 

Packaging Solutions

We strive to be the most efficient operation with flexible resolutions for your packaging needs. Our company wants to help your company succeed in being successful in your shipping process. 

Construction Materials

While the task may seem small to some, we know you need certain construction materials to get the job done efficiently. Southern Wood Components can help in enhancing your building process by offering various types of construction needs, such as roof lathe and set up blocks. 

Pallets and Skids

Our engineer team will help design your custom pallets, crates, and skids no matter what you may need. We can provide multiple certifications for our customers as well, including IPPC and Heat Treated (HT) stamping. 

Orders & Questions

Contact us to order industrial products or to learn more about how we can help your company.